Most patronize brands of smartphones in Ghana

Most patronize brands of smartphones in Ghana

Smartphones in the 21st century are like a necessity good. It gets popular and expensive every day yet, we cannot live without it. Statistics indicate that nine out of 10 persons in Ghana use a smartphone.

This has become needful because humans cannot live without mobile applications. Mobile devices make it possible to streamline our daily activities. In Ghana, smartphones have become popular among the youth. These people patronize smartphones for all kinds of needs.

In this post, I’ve put together the most patronized smartphones brands in Ghana based on consumer preference, satisfaction and popularity among Ghanaians.

5. iPhone

Apple is one of the most popular and trusted brands when it comes to smartphones. They’ve produced a lot of phones and they need no description. Unfortunately for the Apple brand, iPhones are not used by many people in Ghana. Prior to this spoke to 10 attendants of Franko phones and superlovek phones.

It was revealed in the interview that many Ghanaians who visit their various shops are drawn away from iPhones due to the price tag of Apple phones.

They said, though people show interest in iPhones at their shops, but are driven away by the vast price tag. They often opt for a different brand as a result of the high price.

This has affected the sale of iPhone in their shops since only top-class level people are able to afford that brand.

4. Huawei

Huawei in early 2019 was progressing with a high pace in the smartphone market in Ghana until the google ban. The ban immensely affected the progress of Huawei devices in Ghana. Speaking to one attendant, He told me sales of Huawei devices reduced drastically a week after the ban.

According to him, people (illiterates) randomly come to the shop to buy Huawei phones, but for the educated class (who really understand the ban on Huawei), they don’t purchase Huawei devices.

He cited several instances where people rejected Huawei phones due to fear of not being able to use Google applications.

3. Samsung

Samsung phones are popular among all classes of people all over the world. They produce some of the best smartphones in the market and you will be surprised why such a huge brand is third on the most patronized smartphone brand in Ghana.

The reason is, Ghana is one of the many countries in Africa with unstable electricity supply, hence smartphone consumers consider the capacity of a smartphone battery before buying.

This includes on-screen battery life and charging time. Unfortunately, the middle-range smartphones from Samsung lack these criteria. The Samsung S series offers better battery, but most Ghanaians can’t afford.

2. Tecno

Tecno is second on the list due to a lot of major factors. The first one has to do with their battery life, affordability and accessibility.

I’ve already talked about the unstable electrical power supply in Ghana and how it affects an individual thought when it comes to purchasing a smartphone. Well, that is where Tecno scores higher points.

Tecno is not like Samsung, Apple or Huawei, but they offer something that none of the aforementioned smartphone brands can match in Ghana.

A long-lasting smartphone battery, quality camera and efficient technical support. Tecno has official stores all over the country.

Tecno also offers one year warranty and 6 months technical support from carlcare for all phones purchased from any of their official stores.

So instead of taking your phone to an unauthorized repairer which will void your warranty, Tecno offers to do that for six months free of charge. This gesture has instilled confidence in Ghanaians about their brand.

1. Infinix

The most popular and widely used smartphone brand in Ghana. Infinix became a household name in 2016 and since has been the preferred choice of many Ghanaians especially the youth.The infinix brand became popular in Ghana with infinix note 2.

That phone had a 3-day battery life which came at the time Ghana was experiencing a load shedding in our power distribution. One synonymous thing between Infinix and Tecno is that they are both owned by the same company called Transsion Holdings, a Chinese company.

Infinix phones come with stylish designs and quality cameras. Just like Tecno, Infinix offers a year warranty and six months of technical support from carlcare on all phones purchased in their official shops across the country.

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