The top 10 TV Series of all-time

The top 10 TV Series of all-time

My all-time all-time top 10 TV series may not be on your list, however, we can all agree that these movies below gave us a lot of reasons to stay glued to our chairs.

Movies are visual communications that use moving images to convey a story. Sometimes movies capitalize on your emotional sensors, triggering your fantasy world, and then imbuing you with forever memories of fiction. Movies could be a true stories, but movies are chiefly based on fiction.

It’s not a bad thing though, except that you cannot relate it to real life. For people who watch movies for entertainment purposes, they wouldn’t mind, but I watch movies not only for fun but to educate myself.

Before I talk about the top 10 TV Series of all time, I would like to emphasize the fact that, my article isn’t based on any online movie ratings. The movies listed below are purely subjective. I believe a favourite movie should be subjective. Thus, someone’s highly rated TV series may not cut it for me.

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10. Traveler.

Traveller ran from May 10, 2007, until July 18, 2007. The traveller gave birth to only 8 episodes of season 1 and it was cancelled by ABC. No specific reason was told as to why it was cancelled by the producer David DiGilio.

9. The war at home.

War at home is my all-time best sitcom. It starred Michael Rapaport, Anita Barone Kyle Sullivan, Kaylee Defer, Dean Collins, and Rami Malek. It commenced on September 11, 2005, and ended on April 22, 2007, on the Fox broadcasting company. The TV show had 2 seasons with 22 episodes each on every season.

8. One tree hill.

One tree hill is 8th on the list of top 10 TV Series. It was a lot of basketball with two boys of the same father, but with different mothers competing for the same girl, and a spot on the team. It was broadcasted on WB on September 23, 2003, and ended on September 27, 2006, on CW. This was a result of the merging of WN and UPN to form The CW. One tree hill had 9 seasons with the last one having 13 episodes.

7. Revolution.

This is one of the few tv-shows that ended abruptly. It had the suspense and the excitement a TV series should have but it was unfortunate the producers cancelled the show at season2. Revolution can be likened to a life without electricity or total darkness.

6. Hawaii Five-0.

Hawaii Five-0 is a running series presently on season 10 episode 17. The first episode premiered on September 20, 2010, on CBS. It currently has 233 episodes to its credit. It’s a detective movie focused on crime in Hawaii, a task force set up by the governor of the Hawaiian state to fight Crime with Alex O’Loughlin as the head.

5. Grimm.

Grimm is a tv show I never wanted to see the end of. It was aired on NBC from October, 28,2011 to March 31, 2017. It had 123 episodes over 6 seasons. Grimm was based on the history of the brother Grimm original broadcasted. It is an investigative type of series with David Gluntoll being head of the groups. All was going well until he started seeing unusual creatures he couldn’t explain.

4. The last ship.

The last ship was an action tv series which was composed by Nathan Whitehead and aired on TNT from June 22, 2014, to June 2018. The Tv show in all has 56 episodes in 5 seasons. The show was about a world pandemic that killed 80℅ of the world’s population, leaving an unaffected team of US Navy on the ship called Nathan James.

The last ship
The last ship

3. Nikita.

Nikita was a crime and adventure type of TV Series. All 4 seasons were aired on CW from September 9, 2010, to December 27, 2013. Nikita has 73 episodes. The tv show was about a struggling young girl who was rescued from the point of death. Handed a second chance, Nikita was trained to be a government killing machine. Things took a wrong turn when she decided to quit.

2. Desperate Housewives.

Desperate Housewives is a mystery and comedy-drama tv show. It was created by Marc Cherry and produced by ABC Studios and Cherry Productions from October 3, 2004, to May 13, 2012. It was about a small town called Fairview with a specific lane namely Wisteria lane. A calm neighbourhood is full of secrets.

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1. Prison Break.

I was torn between Desperate Housewives and Prison Break because both tv shows were and are great. I’ve never watched any better TV series than these two. Prison Break was a joint production between Original films, Adelstein/Parouse Production, and 20th-Century Fox television. When an innocent man is sent to jail due to a political conspiracy, his brother breaks the law in other to go to the same prison to be able to break him out.

All 90 episodes of Prison Break were aired from August 29, 2005, to May 30, 2017, on Fox. Prison Break proofed bag, honest and faithful friends still exist. It always feels like new anytime I watch it.