Ghanaian actress, Nana Fremah leaves fans on social media with sc@ry Su!cid@l note

Ghanaian actress, Nana Fremah leaves fans on social media with sc@ry Su!cid@l note

Nana Frema Koranteng has published long scary notes on her Instagram page that has got netizens worried.

According to a lengthy post she made, Nana Frema shocked friends and followers — putting them in a state of a scare as it suggested that she’s harbouring suicidal thoughts.

Nana Fremah further stated that her decision to share the post on social media was in no way a means of begging for sympathy from anyone, however, she did it because that’s what has filled her heart all these years.

Rosette Nana Fremah Koranteng also said she has been feeling suicidal for the last three to four years because she has been never been happy.

She added that many time, she has wept throughout the night and not been able to sleep, and to cap it all, she has not been able to voice all this out people.

Nana Fremah also apologized to her mother, child, and sister for harbouring this thought in the first place.

Read Rosette Nana Fremah Koranteng’s full post below

I just feel like typing what I feel in my heart as tears run down my eye . At this point I’m scared ,I don’t want public sympathy but my fear is leading me to share my emotions.  I’m suicidal, I’m so suicidal and the urge is getting so strong
My mother and my kid doesn’t deserve this I know but I’m unable to help it. HELP ME.

From 2019 till 2022 i could actually count the number of times I’ve been happy in my life these 3 to 4 years. I’ve been constantly depressed all these years and there’s not been a 3 days on a roll I haven’t cried 3 hours or more in a day .
I try to keep up and sheild everything all by myself.  I hardly speak up my feelings ,I coil in, I try to be strong but things are escalating now.
I’ve several mental breakdowns and the episode that scared me was when I steeped out without knowing where I was going till my mother called me on the street .

I see some of these ladies speak out when they have mental breakdowns and i know it’s just to help ease them up but I’ve covered up all my episodes which had limited my public and social media appearance . I’m sorry to all my friends whoms event I couldn’t show up, if only you guys knew. Pls when everyone says a prayer pls say one for me .

I hope its not too late speaking up now
I’m tired of sleepless nights and wet pillows
At this moment I feel s9 weak that I’m barely able to stand ,even when I lay on my bed ,I feel the bed is swallowing me up. Maybe today could be my last , if it is, no one should cry for me coz I’ll be finally at peace

To everyone who ever loved me genuinely
I’m sorry especially to my sister