You’ll never be successful if you trust a woman ~ Man suffering a broken heart cries out

You’ll never be successful if you trust a woman ~ Man  suffering a broken heart cries out

“If you trust a woman, you’ll never be successful”, were the words of a jilted unknown young man. Every relationship seems to be going on the smooth path until superstition kicks in. This one is no different from what we’ve witnessed over the years.

It is always not rosy in some relationships, but people tend to live with it and make it better. The painful aspect of a relationship is to give in all at the outset of the relationship and later get dumped.

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That was a similar fate a young man suffered. After he couldn’t stand the agony of jilt, began destroying memories he once shared with his partner.

In a video available to, a very vibrant young man is seen destroying a romantic picture frame of himself and his ex-girlfriend. It turns out, his girlfriend cheated on him and couldn’t take the heartbreak. In a way to respond, he destroyed what used be a romantic memory of their time together.

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In a video, he’s unable to get it destroyed with a knife, but a friend comes in to offer support, by breaking the photo frame. 

The man kept saying; “You will never be successful, if you trust a woman. don’t trust a woman!” — the furious young man is heard saying in the video.

As that was enough, he further at the end of the video, there comes another video, which he’s heard cursing any guy who trusts a woman with Antoa.

Watch the video below:

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