Never Use Your iPhone 11 Pro For More Than A Year

Never Use Your iPhone 11 Pro For More Than A Year

iPhone 11 Pro is a very great smartphone and have great features. June 2007 saw a drastic change in the mobile telephone set with the release of iPhone 1.

Back then it was just a 3.5-inch iPhone with 2-megapixel cameras running iOS 3.1.3. Siri had no use then as Apple wanted to keep it simple, just a mobile telephone with basic features.

Perhaps the idea was centred on strength because that iPhone was very durable.

Why it took Apple so long to make iPhone 4

Competition in the mobile phone business then was not like what we are witnessing today. For this reason, Apple had all the time to plan for the handout of the iPhone 3G and 3GS in July 2008.

After the iPhone 3G series it took Apple three good years before the iPhone 4 and 4CDMA was released. The question is why did it take so much time for Apple to release a new phone? The response is simple, they had no competition!

The competitive brand, then was Nokia, LG, Blackberry, Motorola and Sony Ericsson. These brands had one goal, sticking around in business and so most of their phones were made simpler.

Apple needed to stay on the right path by delivering quality and durable phones. And then their idea was not profit conscious, but rather how they can get people to like their IOS software. Now Apple has the market and the attention every company yearn for.

The strategy at present is to make more money from their consumers. It is skilful for a company to make a good profit, but when profit-making becomes a pivot ahead of customer satisfaction then there is a problem.


Apple has now introduced a battery health feature in their phones. This feature seems to suggest how strong the battery is and to what degree its strength.

This feature since its invention makes it fact that after 8 months of use, the iPhone Pro battery health is likely to shrink in health, somewhere between 84 and 88 percent.

Which definitely means you will need battery replacement every year.

Thus if you intend to go through the day enjoying your smartphone. A phone bought worth about $700 to $1000 has its battery health slashed in just 8 months of usage.

Which in the end, Apple will be the ultimate beneficiary when you go back to buy a new battery.

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Post battery replacement is my big concern. iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro are very special phone with high-quality specs like IP 68 under IEC standard 60529.

No matter how professional you are when you replace an iPhone battery it will never be the same. It can affect both waterproof and dust resistant feature on the iPhone 11

My advice is to get iPhone 11 Pro on contract so you can upgrade to a new iPhone every year. If you are living in a state where there is no option for an iPhone 11 contract, simply sell your phone every year.

I will not recommend to anyone to buy a used iPhone 11. Used iPhones may come with a mass of complications like icloud lock and warranty issues.

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