The new iPhone 12 comes with no charger and earbuds, but..

New iPhone 12 comes with no charger and earbuds, but..

Apple on Wednesday, October 13 launched four versions of its new iPhone 12, all guaranteeing faster 5G mobile connectivity.

The the company envisaged its new iPhone 12s will spur a surge of upgrades and keep its sales booming through to the end of 2020.

The new iPhone 12 has flat sides with a flush display, very identical to Apple’s iPhone 4, 5 and the first generation iPhone SE.

Surprisingly, the new iPhone 12 lineups will not be shipped with a charger or earbuds in the box.

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According to Todd Haselton from CNBC, this is to cut down on Apple’s carbon footprint. He said;

It will still include a new higher-power charging cable, but not the brick you need to plug that cable into the wall. If you want the brick that plugs into the wall, you’ll have to buy it separately.

In place of the usual plugin charger, Apple has also produced a magnetic charger, called MagSafe Charger, capable of charging iPhones and Apple Watches. This will come at an extra cost of $39.00.

Apple also announced that the new phone will have a ceramic shield. A feature that Apple teamed up with Corning to make. What this glass does it to offer cover to resist cracks in case of an accidental drop.

This move will bring significant benefits to the environment, Nonetheless, the company will receive backlash from many customers across the globe. 

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