Nokia, the perfect stock Android experience

Nokia Company Logo
Nokia Company Logo

Nokia sold its company to Microsoft on 2nd September 2013 for $7.2 billion. The contract lasted for 3 years in which Microsoft acquired the license to use Nokia named on their smartphones.

After the contract, Nokia then sold their company to HMD Global (Taiwanese firm Foxconn Technology) For $350M.
HMD Global is a phone manufacturing company, which means they only manufacturer hardware.

For this reason, HMD Global’s Nokia now operates on android. The version of android on Nokia phones is called Android One.

What is Android One?

Android One is the closest stock android experience you can have on any Android device. Basically, it’s a raw version of android and can’t be modified. Android one smartphones receive monthly security patches for three years and two major OS updates for two years. It is also important to note that the stock android is only compatible with Google’s Pixel and Nexus.

Android One operating system, initially created to middle-range smartphones. In recent years the ideas have shifted from middle range smartphones to new entry smartphones. The idea is to provide mobile manufacturers like HMD global an operating system for their phones.

Why Nokia is the perfect stock android experience?

Nokia used to run on Symbian OS before Microsoft purchased the license to change it to windows. Coming from that direction, Nokia smartphones after 2016 now uses an Android operating system (Android One). Which offers the best stock Android experience. It looks almost like the pixel, but for lack of important apps like the Google camera, Google launcher and others exclusive only to Google phones.

Nokia phones come with no pre-installed app, making it very pure. What this means is when you purchase a Nokia smartphone, you’re only going to have to install your preferred apps. You’re guaranteed Nokia wouldn’t force a third-party app for you. I’ve heard many android users complaining about bloatware that comes with their smartphones and how they struggle to remove them. The phone will constantly be given security patches and updates. These security patches protect your phone from malware attacks any possible security vulnerabilities.

Nokia also offers two major OS updates for every AndroidOne phone. Thus, if you bought your device with android 9, you’re going to receive updates for android 10 and possibly android 11. Exciting, isn’t it? You don’t have to worry about your phone getting outdated. The latest security patches will be provided.

The final benefits I would like to talk about is Google assistant. Per Google’s explanation of the Google Assistant on its website, the “Google Assistant, defined as an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant developed by Google that primarily available only on mobile and smart home devices”.

With Google Assistant, you can acquire information about anything around you without trouble. Google Assistant can be utilised to control your music, set timers, reminders and check weather statuses. Therefore having a Google Assistant on your phone is a great feeling. Many times I’ve had google assistant give me access to phone numbers of restaurants I didn’t even know existed in my locality.

Google has 90.46% of the search engine market share worldwide, which hits the Google assistant a great feature compared to what Bixby and Siri offers. Nokia offers a great variety of smartphones from lower-end to mid-range, which isn’t the ideal smartphone choice for many, but if you’re expecting a little below a pixel-like experience, then Nokia is your best option or close stock android experience.