Nokia smartphones among the top 3 mobile brands which currently receive Android software updates faster

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Nokia Mobile under windows didn’t perform so well due to lack of apps and frequent system updates. That is not the case anymore with Nokia under Android One. Security patches are released on time every month and software updates for its smartphones is guaranteed for at least 2years.

It hasn’t been a smooth sail along the Nokia-Android One journey, but it been far better than Android. For many, updating a phone every month turns out to be tiring, but the security updates fix the security drawbacks and keep your device secure. According to the German cyber-security firm SRLabs, Nokia is among the top 3 mobile companies that updates its devices faster.

Nokia, the perfect tock Android experience

Over the last 2 years, SRLabs collected details about security patches from thousands of Android devices, of which 10,000 builds date back to patches from 2018 and 7,000 builds date back to patches from 2019. It these data, it was revealed that Android OEMs pushed security updates about 15% faster in 2019, compared to the rate in 2018, with the average gap between consecutive security patches, decreasing from 44 to 38 days.

The above table proves patches delay is the difference between the build date and the patch release date. As expected, Google is in the first place, because of its less diverse portfolio which helps it release updates faster than any other Android OEM. Even Nokia released patches relatively faster and missed very fewer patches.

SRLabs reports that OEMs tend to fix their most widely deployed Android versions faster than less-widely deployed versions. Some OEMs can repair their devices faster because they either use stock Android or have fewer devices in the market, which makes the patching process easier and faster for them. That is why Nokia and Sony receive the security updates from Google about a month before Google makes it public.

The above graph indicates the patch wait for different Android versions on Nokia smartphones.

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SRLabs concludes by explaining that, though the patch delay has reduced, the Android ecosystem despite everything, has security challenges, because the less widespread Android versions end up missing the security updates.

Nokia is, therefore, performing very well with the updates. However, HMD global’s Nokia mobile still needs to speed up the release of the updates and perhaps work on a launcher to modify its software at a point.