Why your old Apple device is slowing down

Why your old Apple device is slowing down

Apple is without a doubt among the top tech companies in the world. It clenches 20 percent of the global market share.

Notwithstanding, there are secrets about this tech giant that most people aren’t aware of. Have you asked yourself why older flagship smartphones from Apple turn to slow down when a new phone is rolled out by the company?

Apart from this, your smartphone camera turns blurring compared to when you first purchased it. This usually happens before the announcement of the new flagship. Thus the last over the air updates before the announcement.

On December 20, 2017, Apple admitted that its iOS software slows down their old phones. Apple However attributed it to ageing lithium-ion batteries in their phones. Furthermore, the company explained that the company choke iPhone performance as a precautionary measure.

If it did not, the company claims, older iPhones would keep shutting down unexpectedly or break down earlier than they should.

The hidden truth is most of their updates were pushed with the intention to slow down the older phone just to make way for the new flagship. Ask yourself this question; how many people would want a new smartphone when the old one offers considerably great performance?

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Why Apple was fined.

Apple users had complained in the past. Some of them said every August, before Apple’s annual conference, updates sent to their old phones limit the speed and general functionality of their phones.

It turns out monthly security updates pushed to their devices, limit the performance of the phone. This happens in the third year of the device. Users don’t usually demand updates after 3 years, but the company can’t as well force new products on us.

As a result, the company was fined by the Italian Competition Authority (AGCM) for 5.7 million euros. The fine served as a compensation for intentionally pushing updates to slow down their phone’s performance.

The irony of these updates is it changes the resolution, sharpness and general performance of the phone, thereby making the new phone look fast and sharp to attract consumers.

To sum up, every mobile manufacturer depends on sales of products to keep up with the market. The only way to achieve that is the introduction of new products.

For new smartphones to have a smooth entry to the market, it has to outperform the current one in terms of functionalities and specs. Hence, slowing down ageing phones puts a new flagship in a comfortable position to compete in the market.

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