One premium phone is all you need, not a new phone every year.

Smartphone companies all over the world have a policy that enables smartphone owners to upgrade to a newer model of smartphones every year. This enables one premium phone owner to upgrade to a newer premium phone every year. This strategy adopted by manufacturers and telecoms to get rid of older phones from their showroom.

This is done basically to prepare the way for new phones. Smartphone companies like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus, Oppo, Infinix, Tecno and RealMe, can only remain in business if they continue to manufacture and ship out more phones.

If consumers held on to older devices, they stay out of business. It is thus in their own interests to manoeuvre their way through “Upgrade to a new phone every 12 months” tactics to persuade consumers to buy into their selfish agenda.

Why you don’t need a new phone every year from smartphone companies

When smartphone companies announce a new phone, the adjectives used to describe the new “money-making device” often sound so allusive to the owner of the previous device. Sometimes you may feel archaic with a phone you bought barely a year ago.

Here’s the thing, if smartphone companies make your current phone look relevant a year after, you’ll never buy the novel one. They delude you with the specs you won’t even notice in the phone on regular daily usage. They tell you, the newer phones have a faster processor, a sharper camera, strong battery and a lot more which doesn’t matter in real life.

Samsung galaxy series

Do you still need a 256GB of smartphone storage when you’ve got a laptop and external HD with over 2T of storage? Not upgrading to a newer phone will save you $40 to 50 every month or $600- 800 yearly.

Most people buy the new smartphone not because they need it, but they desire to. You purchased a Google Pixel 3 for its camera quality, in three months you’ve taken just 4 pictures, but you still think you need Pixel 4. In my experience, you just desire to have the Pixel 4 for show off.

Before you decide to buy a new phone, consider how bad you wanted your present phone. How sudden the ads for the new phone have made your present phone so unappealing, how the new phone will look in the next year. This will give you an idea of how smartphone companies adapt to shenanigan tactics to extort money from you every year.

Don’t be led astray by what phone companies tell you about their current phone being an upgrade to the previous phone. It’s a complete lie they keep repeating every year when they launch a new phone.

Why you need one premium phone from smartphone companies

You bought your iPhone 7 Plus four years ago and you’re still using it. You might have changed the battery once, but it still works fine. The phone is operating on the current iOS, the same as the iPhone 11 Pro.

You text great using the same phone, taking quality pictures and very much expectant of the next major iOS update.If you upgraded every year for a new iPhone for the last four years you’ve owned the phone, it would probably have cost not less than $2,400. That’s even on a downside (64GB).

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New smartphone every year is not the answer. One quality premium phone is what you require. Don’t listen to mobile phone companies who are interested in earning money off your desire to own every new phone. If your phone is using the latest Android, iOS or Windows software, don’t buy a new phone. It’s a total waste of money. Remember, what they’re saying about the new phone you’re so eager to have, was once said about your current phone.

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