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Oppo watch replicas Apple watch with Android OS

Oppo has been launched its watch in China. You can call it an imitation, but the new Oppo watch looks very beautiful. We know Oppo for the designs of its magnificent smartphones but the arrival of the new Oppo watch is the revolution in the wearable technology.

The Oppo watch is the first of its kind for the Chinese tech company. The device at first glance looks premium. It is very identical to the Apple watch. The Oppo watch is regarded by tech geeks as the best alternative or perhaps the main competitor to the Apple watch.

Oppo Watch
Oppo Onscreen animations

Oppo watch specs.

The Oppo watch features a 1.91-inch curved AMOLED display with 326 PPI pixel density. It is powered by Snapdragon Wear 2500 chipset with a supported Appollo3 ultra power chip. It has an aluminium button on the right side of the devices for on-screen navigation.

The Oppo watch has been built to track physical workouts, sleep hours and heartbeats. What gives the Oppo watch a strong advantage over the Apple watch is the electrocardiogram [ECG] feature. The Oppo watch is rated 5ATM for water and dust resistant.

Oppo smartwatch
Oppo Watch

The device from box comes with 8GB of storage. Its incapacity to support a SIM card, it has been boosted with eSIM which authorizes for supported carriers. Oppo’s smartwatch has an in-built GPS module, Bluetooth with 4.2 connectivity and NFC.

Oppo Watch
eSIM Capabilities

The proficiency of the device to switch in between the Snapdragon Wear chipset and the Appollo3 supporting processor helps optimize battery strength. According to Oppo, the watch will last 40 hours on a single charge. Though, when power saver is turned on, the battery life can be lengthened to 21days. The Oppo watch supports VOOC flash charging, very analogous to the ones in their smartphones.

VOOC fast charging
Oppo VOOC fast charging

Oppo watch is said to use Android OS, but with a slight modification to mimic Oppo’s ColorOS. Officially Oppo has not given a specific time and dates the device will hit the international market but it is expected to be available in the 3rd quarter of 2020.

The device, in general, looks great and in my viewpoint, it’ll offer the Apple watch a decent competition. Moreover, it’ll serve as an alternative for people who are not an iOS enthusiast.

Nanaoseiike is a husband, blogger, web developer and a tech enthusiast.

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