Owning a personal toilet was all I ever wanted in life – Mzbel reveals

Owning a personal toilet was all I ever wanted in life – Mzbel reveals

Ghanaian entertainer, Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah who is known in showbiz as Mzbel, has revealed in a new video she shared on IG that she has never achieved anything in life except owning a toilet.

A video she posted on Instagram seemed to be a direct response to the trolling she has been subjected to from Diamond Appiah — Appiah recently said Mzbel has achieved nothing I’m in her entire music career.

According to Mizbel, all she needed to achieve in life was to have a personal toilet facility. She mentioned that is the only place she finds solace and visits frequently whenever she wishes.

Mizbel in the video indicated that there were times she prayed and asked God to make her successful so at least she can be able to afford a toilet of her own.

“This message goes to people who have had time to create a fake account to insult me and tell me I am unsuccessful. This message goes to people who are saying I haven’t achieved anything. They go on and create a tall list of things that they think by now I should own. I want to tell you today that whatever I’m looking for in life, I have already found it. I grew up in Jamestown and the house in which I lived had no toilet. I always visited the public toilet which always had a very long queue.”

“You could be very pressed to the point that your whole body is shaking but you have no choice but to endure and stay in the queue. When it’s finally your turn to go, then someone tells you that an elderly person has to go before you because their condition is far worse. I got frustrated and I vowed to make sure I own a toilet one day. Today I don’t form queues, I don’t buy paper or get unnecessarily pressed and I’m extremely proud of that. That has always been my biggest achievement. To my critics, your vision is not my vision.”