Princess Shyngle to divorce husband three months after wedding

Princess Shyngle to divorce husband three months after wedding

Barely 3 months into their secret marriage, Ghanaian actress Princess Shyngle and her much touted love of her life has ended abruptly.

The Gambian-born actress got married to his longtime best friend, Bala Gaye in late January 2021 in a secret Islam ceremony.

In an Instagram video sighted by, Princess Shyngle has indicated that the two of them are separated.

We know that marriage is for the mature and strong minds, however people didn’t expect a sudden breakup between the young couple.

According to Princess Shyngle, a divorce letter was written and sent to Gambia to finalize their separation. She further stated that she has been begging Bala-Gaye for a quiet divorce, but he has been going around spreading falsehood about him.

In a series of posts on her Instagram story, shyngle accused her 2-month-old husband of being abusive—asked him to tell the world how he pulled a gun on her.

Shyngle revealed that since they were together, she has been taking most of the responsibilities, including buying the furniture in their apartment and several other expensive things.