Reasons you should try S-tech Ghana’s routers

Why you should try s-tech ghana's routers

Ghanaian Tech company S-tech has launched a new internet router at affordable rates. These devices are namely the Flash, Nova and Supernova. 

Internet in this 21st century is a necessity for 80% of the world’s population. People need the internet to stay connected to their friends and family.

The year 2020 has been a year full of misfortunes. The quarantines, lockdown and social distancing—it really seems people can make use of some good streaming online. For children confined in the house due to COVID-19, E-learning can only be achieved with high speed internet.

S-Tech’s new internet routers, Wifi and Mifi guarantee that the above needs are met right in the comfort of your home. Their routers offer one of the fastest 4G internet speed in the country.


Flash is a 4G MiFi also know as the pocket wifi. Its portability makes it easier to stay connected to the internet on the go. It delivers a 150 Mbps which delivers download speeds at 17.88mb/seconds that makes it sufficient for everyday online business, runs smartphone applications and tasks smoothly. It has a large battery capacity that can stay up to 8-hours. It can also be connected to 10 devices at the same time.


Nova router is sim supported powerful wireless network solution designed for a small office or homes environments. S-Tech’s NOVA 4G router has an ethernet port for desktop computers and Wifi connection for mobile devices. Nova can be connected to 32 devices within its range. It has 300 Mbps download speed for streaming and unlimited download speed subject to your career. Nova 4G router is more reliable and works out cheaper for small offices and individual heavy users. 


Supernova 4G wifi router features a built-in LTE Broadband modem. S-Tech’s Supernova has an Ethernet port [RJ45 PORT] which can be used to connect computers for a wide area network. It houses a 300 Mbps download speed for a larger task.  It is fast and convenient for a big organization.

All devices come with an affordable rates for ordinary Ghanaian. Price ranges from 275 cedis for the Flash, 399 cedis for Nova and 444 cedis for Supernova. Contact S-Tech Ghana on 0593882034 or 0593954722 or email them on

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