Which company will take you seriously when you are continuously removing pants and showing nipples – DKB questions Efia Odo

Which company will take you seriously when you are continuously removing pants and showing nipples  ~ DKB questions Efia Odo

Award-winning Ghanaian comedian, Derrick Kobina Bonney popularly known as DKB, has taken a jab at actress Efia Odo following her claims that McDonald’s workers earn more than Ghanaian celebs.

In a post on Instagram and glimpsed by Nanaoseiike.com, DKB stated that Efia Odo shouldn’t just generalise the matter for celebs when in reality she was the only one suffering. DKB went on to imply that Efia Odo’s way of dressing was a factor affecting her brand since no serious company would like to work or be associated with her.

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The Big Brother Africa star went on to lambast Efia Odo for running down the businesses and brands of other top female celebs like Yvonne Nelson, Jackie Appiah, Yvonne Okoro and Nana Ama McBrown with her “nonsense lifestyle”.

However, DKB on to advised the actress [Efia Odo] to change her style of dressing by wearing Kaba and slit in other to attract cooperate endorsements.

Efia Odo revealed in the past that being famous in Ghana did not come with money. She further stated that a worker at McDonalds makes more many than many female celebrities in Ghana. Efia Odo asserted that it was her wish that the current Ghanaian leaders be replaced with new-age thinkers.

Read DKB’s full post below:

When you are continuously removing pants and showing nipples like a Pono auditions, which company will take you serious? Don’t say us when it’s just you, shut up and suffer your misery instead of disrespecting the creative arts field, some of us have made a living out of it and created jobs for others through it.

How dare you jeopardise the hardworks of Yvonne Nelson, Okoro, Mcbrown etc because of your nonsense lifestyle. Wear a kaba & slit for once and see the number of brand endorsements that will chase you. Everyday pioto bonanza… MUTUMBANZA!