Samsung releases Android 12 OneUI 4.0

Samsung releases Android 12 OneUI 4.0

After several beta tests, Samsung has finally released Android 12 OneUI 4.0 to the Galaxy S21 lineups. If you’re coming from Android 11, the Android 12 wouldn’t offer much to you. Regardless, it however brings in some new features you’ll love to have on your Galaxy device,

From Android 10 to 11 was a massive jump that brought life and new features to the Android world. According to a release by Samsung, the update to OneUI 4.0 will roll out starting with the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Android 12 OneUI 4 just like for Pixel devices, doesn’t offer many new things except for features like Color Palette, which Samsung takes from the Android 12’s wallpaper theming, better-rounded corners throughout the One U, improved widgets, better privacy control, and more emoji.

With Android 12 OneUI 4.0, Samsung is allowing you to create a customized Color Palette experience throughout your phone with colors from the wallpaper you select. Your widgets, icons, menus, buttons, and backgrounds will also adapt to the customized colors as well.

Samsung has also included Android 12’s new Privacy Dashboard which allows users to find a snapshot of privacy settings. The new camera and microphone toggles also let you completely turn those two items off with all the apps you’ve been using all day and important permissions throughout the day.

Samsung’s One UI 3.1 is already endowed with a very beautiful and smooth user experience — which leaves owners of Samsung S21 with a lot of expectations.

Samsung’s Android 12 OneUI 4.0 update is available today on the Galaxy S21 models. You can read more about the device compatibility and availability in your region here.