Shatta Wale is telling people not to promote us ~ Joint 77

A member of the defunct Militants, Joint 77 has made some allegations about Shatta Wale. During a live video on social media on Instagram, Joint 77 claimed he has a seen screenshots of Shatta Wale asking people not to talk about him and other members of the defunct Militant.

He recounted how he served wholeheartedly when he was in Shatta Wale’s camp. Joint 77 made a bold statement that in his opinion he does not think anybody could have served Shatta Wale better than he did.

According to him, he was the one who fed dogs at Shatta Wale’s house and he even cleaned the a*s of the SM boss.

Joint 77 stressed that it is not good for Shatta Wale to tell people not to support them. He added that he will leave everything to God. He further stated that it is only God who can help others and not human beings.

Watch the video below.