Sister of Mikki Osei Berko’s UK based wife warns Gloria Sarfo

Gloria Sarfo and Mikki Osei Berko
Gloria Sarfo and Mikki Osei Berko

Gloria Sarfo and celebrated actor/presenter Mikki Osei Berko tried to pull a publicity stunt on their fans which blew back in their faces.

As that was enough, a plausible sister of Mikki Osei Berko‘s wife who is based in the United Kingdom with his kids has sent out a grim warning to Gloria Sarfo.

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A screenshot sighted by nanaoseiike.com on the pages of Instagram blogger, Those-called-celebs which is alleged to be from this sister-in-law of Dada Boat reveals that he actually been married for years, as such, there is no way he will marry another person.

The lady went on to warn the “Efiewura” TV series star not to play with fire because she might not like the end result.

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