Unpopular smartphone manufacturers you didn’t know exist

TECNO spark 5
TECNO spark 5

There’re a lot of smartphone manufacturers in the world. The smartphone market is ubiquitous hence it is difficult to know every single brand, model and manufacturer. Many often, we twist to focus more on the most popular brand of phones available at our disposal. On the other hand, turn to forget these smartphone manufacturers that do not belong to the elite brand.

In this post am going to talk about mobile phone brands, which are not popular, but produces substantially better and quality smartphones. The first manufacturer I’m going to talk about is;


Doogie is another smartphone manufacturer you’ve never heard about. It was established in Spain. The company, set up in the year of 2013. On February 24th,2014 the company manufactured its first-ever smartphone with Android OS.
The campy signed a partnership with Spanish football club Villareal CF and the partnership made them the official smartphone supplier of the club in June 2015. In 2015 Doogee decided to concentrate more on the Asian market and made Thailand their top priority. Currently, Doogee has established branches in Northern, Eastern and Western Africa.


B phones are designed and manufactured in Vietnam by a company called Bkav corporation. Their CEO Nguyen Tu Quang believes that he instituted the company to help develop Vietnam through smartphone manufacturing instead of through agriculture.
The company buys Qualcomm chipsets and software from other foreign companies. The other aspects like designs, assembling are all performed in Vietnam. Bkav release their 3rd generation smartphone in 2018 and are currently spreading out with more than 300 stores around Vietnam.


A Meizu Technology Company Limited is a manufacturer of Meizu phones. It is a Chinese consumer electronics company based in Zhuhai, Guangdong. The company, set up in 2003 with mp3 player and Mp4 player as their main product. This smartphone manufacturer produced its first-ever smartphone in 2008.
Meizu is the 11th largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. Some of their best phones include MEIZU PRO 7 128GB, MEIZU 16 PLUS 256GB, MEIZU 16 PLUS and MEIZU 16 128GB.


You might probably know nothing about Umidigi phones. Umidigi has previously been recognized in the mobile manufacturing business as UMI. The company is based in Zhenzhen city.
Their primary line of products is the designing of low-end smartphones. Something about them changed in 2012 and they decided to switch from their usual activities to manufacturing smartphones. Their first smartphone was Umidigi X1 with 4GB internal storage, 8 Mega Pixel rear cameras and a 2.1, megapixels front camera with android 4.1.1 Jelly bean operating system.


Vivo is a global innovative smartphone brand in Dongguan China. Quantum of their merchandise is sold in the Chinese and Indian market and the claim of having 200million users.

The Company holds 6 research centres which are turned up in Beijing, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Dongguan, Zhenzhen and San Diego in the USA. Most Chinese phone manufacturers focus on low-end smartphones and Vivo is not an exclusion.


Realme is a Shenzhen-based Chinese smartphone manufacturer you’ve never heard about. The company, established on May 4, 2018, by Sky Li.  Sky Li was the former president of Oppo electronics. Realme brand focus on building a stylish and powerful phone. However, Realme smartphones are sold across 18 countries around the world with China and India are the largest consumer.

The company believes in the production of trendy smartphones to help more young people enjoy a happy life brought by the beauty of technology.


Most of these smartphone manufacturers are based in China and Asia, but they’re unpopular and very difficult to come by their products since there is a ready-made market for them in China and Asia.

Nonetheless, these companies produce quality smartphones that can stand the test of time.

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