Smartphones never look the same after these practices

Smartphones never look the same after these practices

Smartphones are increasingly expensive every day and so people constantly exploring ways to get the best of their phones as long as they keep using them. However, to be able to use a phone for a long period and save yourself from having to buy an expensive phone every year or get the best out it, it requires certain practices.

For example, how you charge your phone, how you handle it, and even the accessories you put in your device will determine how long it will last. In this article, I’ve put together some practices that shorten the smartphone’s life for good no matter what.

Unapproved Charger:

Smartphone chargers from manufacturers have been tested and deemed good for your device. The reason is manufacturers calculates the number of watts [W] — essentially how much energy the charger can push to your phone. Switching to a third-party charger can degrade your phone’s battery more than you could imagine regardless of how fast it can charge.

Replacing battery:

There has been never a better way to have your device’s battery last longer than adapting to standard battery usage mechanisms. Of course, you can change your battery every year, but how long will that new battery last compare to the pre-installed one from the box?

Aside from the reduced battery performance, there are a lot of issues that come with changing a smartphone battery such as the device slowing down, reducing the IP ratings, touch screen, and software problems.

Cleaning your smartphone screen with window cleaning liquid:

Cleaning the ports and wiping the display of a smartphone has become necessary because most modern cell phones have touch screens. We touch them all the time that’s why they get pretty dirty over time. To wipe the screen, use lint-free wipers, and whatever you do never use window cleaning liquid.

Window cleaning liquid contains ammonia which can damage the screen irreversibly. Moreover, If you carry your phone in the main compartment of your handbag, It can become clogged with dust and small debris which might cause problems with the connection. This is especially dangerous for the 3.5 mini jack.

The port itself is pretty long, so if some piece of dust gets inside and you don’t know about it, next time, you will try to plug in your headphones — you will only make the piece get even further in to remove the debris.

Turn off the phone and carefully clean all the ports with the toothpick. Don’t forget to put a piece of soft lint-free cloth on its end. To avoid such situations choose a compartment in your handbag exclusively for keeping the smartphone in it.

Avoid software updates:

Big companies release major software updates around once a year. We don’t recommend updating your phone, two years after this model was released.

The reason being that performance will become worse and it’s not because the manufacturer is so greedy and wants to make you buy the new model. It’s just that technologies are constantly developing, and your hardware stays the same.


They need to update the software to enhance the functionality, which your phone might simply not support. That’s why at least read user reviews before you hit the update button.

The problem with such updates is that it’s either very hard or impossible to go back to the previous version of the software. Unless you are a tech genius like myself.

Not using cloud storage:

Irrespective of the free space you have on your hard drive, it’s better to use cloud storage. This way, your phone won’t be clogged with so much data that it will perform much better. And of course, something happens to your phone. The data won’t be lost.