Spotify launched in Ghana, and over 80 more countries

Spotify launched in Ghana, and over 80 more countries

Spotify has launched in Ghana and over 80 countries, including Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Samoa, Jamaica, Bahamas, and Belize.

These moves represent Spotify’s broadest market expansion to date,” Spotify said. Following the expansion, the service will be available in over 170 countries.

The platform was launched in 2008 just a year after the first iPhone was released, and it has amassed 345 million monthly active users across 95 countries. Of those, 155 million are premium paying subscribers of the platform.

Spotify started out as a music streaming platform, however, the platform now allows people to listen to podcasts, audiobooks and meditations. Their charges $9.99 for access to its “Premium” service equivalent to GH₵ 57.47.

Competition with tech giants

Spotify faces stiff competition from Apple TVAmazon Prime and Google TV, which have launched their own music streaming services in recent years.

Currently, in Ghana, there are other competitors streaming services like the My Perfect TV app and Showmax.

The company’s biggest competitor is arguably Apple Music, and Spotify is involved in a bitter antitrust dispute with the iPhone maker. The streaming service provider doesn’t think it’s fair that it has to pay Apple a commission, or what it sees as a “tax,” when users subscribe and pay for its service via Apple’s App Store. It filed a complaint to the European Commission in March 2019 and a probe is ongoing.

Spotify Ghana pricing


  • 1 month free with a subscription
  • Prepaid plans available

GH₵ 17.00/month after offer period 1 account.


  • 1 month free

GH₵ 22.00/month after offer period 2 accounts.


  • 1 month free

GH₵ 27.00/month after offer period Up to 6 accounts.


  • 1 month free with a subscription
  • Prepaid plans available

GH₵ 8.50/month after offer period 1 account.

Spotify Ghana ‘Students subscription’, offers one month of free subscriptions and can be cancelled at any time. This offer is available only to students at an accredited higher education institution. Also offer not available to users who already tried Premium. Student discount offer with Terms and Conditions apply.

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