Stacy Amoateng causes arrest of Dr. Kwaku Oteng’s daughter

Stacy Amoateng causes arrest of Dr. Kwaku Oteng’s daughter

The managing director of Angel Broadcasting Network (ABN), Stacy Amoateng has caused the arrest of Adu Safowaa over false and dirty allegations.

According to sources, Adu Safowaa was arrested by the police on Wednesday, 21st October 2020 and is currently in Police cells.

Her arrest came after Stacy filed a police case against her for defamation at the CID quarters. Safowaa, who has referred to herself as Dr. Kwaku Oteng’s daughter, has brought up many allegations against Stacy.

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In one of her allegations, she stated that Stacy Amoateng is behind the collapse of Akua, GMB’s marriage to Dr Kwaku Oteng claims Stacy defamed Akua to her former husband, causing the man to sack her from their matrimonial home.

Safowaa went on to say that she was also a worker with ABN, however, as soon as Stacy came in as the managing director, she lost her job.

Furthermore, she accused Stacy of linking up singer Becca to Dr. Oteng though they were married to different spouses.

Safowaa also called Stacy Amoateng a demon who has caused a lot of disunity in Dr. Oteng’s household and workplace since he assumed her managerial role.

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