Startimes Ghana introduces new sports and documentary channels

Startimes Ghana has reintroduced six new channels.

Startimes Ghana has reintroduced six new channels. The Chinese Electronic media company has reintroduced the said channels after an enormous complaint from its customers.

The channels include Fox CH131, Fox life, National Geography, National Geography Wild, Espn CH 248, and Espn CH 249. Some of the channels like Fox life and Nat Geo Wild were taken off air months ago by the company, However, upon request from customers, the media company decided to bring the channels back.

The new six channels have also affected bouquet subscriptions rates. The Startimes Ghana’s new subscription will take effect from 1 March 2020. However, customers with undue subscriptions will enjoy the new channels free of charge until the end of February.

Startimes current subscription packages.
Current subscription packages.

Startimes Current packages

Their new rates will commence on the 1st March 2020 with;

Startimes Chinese GH₵100

Monthly: SUPER GH₵70.


Weekly: SUPER GH₵30.


NOVA: GH₵20 per month.

New Startimes channels.

Fox channel

This is the flagship channel of fox cooperation. Founded in 1986, Fox channel telecast news, documentaries, entertainment, politics, and TV shows. The channel is popular in all parts of the world despite it being American TV. It is popular for television shows like 9.1.1, Last man standing, and the resident.

Fox life

Fox life is an international pay-TV channel focused on movies, sitcoms, series, and general entertainment. The channel is part of the fox network group. It was launched in 2004 and it’s very popular in Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Espn CH 248 & 249.

Espn is an American cable TV focused on sports. The company is owned jointly by the Walt Disney Company and Hearst Communications. Espn takes interest in college football, NFL, soccer, NBA, MLB, and college basketball.

National Geography and Nat Geo Wild.

The National Geography and Nat Geo Wild is a paid television channel the Walt Disney Company and the national geographic society. The National Geography channel focuses on geography, cartography, and exploration. On the other hand, Nat Geo Wild deals with documentaries on animals and the wild. Nat Geo Wild is a pure non-fiction entertainment channel about animals and the wild.