Stonebwoy blocks Sarkodie on social media

Stonebwoy blocks Sarkodie on social media

Stonebwoy has blocked Sarkodie according to a his latest post on Snapchat.

This action by Stonebowy, is what many believe is going to intensify the beef between him and Sarkodie in the coming days despite he [Sarkodie] trying to be diplomatic about the situation.

In the post, Stonebwoy started that he’s not a hypocrite to be keeping a friendship with someone publicly when he’s not cool with in real life.

According to Stonebwoy he either unfollows or blocks such persons which is exactly what he has done to Sarkodie as logical reasoning will make us understand.

It’s more than Devilish to be keeping up pretentious healthy appearances on social media when you know you’re not cool with someone in real life. Unfollow, block, or delete..your life will be much better and easier. Which face are you saving?

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