The Apple Watch Series 7 suffer a setback

The Apple Watch Series 7 suffer a setback

The design of the Apple Watch Series 7 as rumors suggest doesn’t seem too drastic, but for the supply chains that manufacture them, that’s another story.

According to reports by Nikkei Asia and Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is stopping production on the upcoming Series 7 as a result of high difficulties during assembly leading to an improper rate of failed quality control checks. 

The sources claim that due to the higher “complexity of design”, Apple hired assemblers “found issues when putting together electronics modules, components, and displays”. 

Apple watch series 7 was scheduled to release the new model in September, nonetheless, while these recent reports clarify a delay is in order, it’s unclear for how long that might be.  

The new flat edge chassis is the most contributing factor to the delay, however, Nikkei Asia asserts that an all-new blood pressure monitoring system making its debut in the Apple Watch Series 7 is creating difficulties in the waterproofing aspect of the watch’s design as well. 

Highly trusted Mark Gurman of Bloomberg subsequently confirmed in a statement,

Apple Inc.’s upcoming smartwatch is suffering production snags as manufacturers adjust to a new design, likely leading to shipment delays or supply constraints

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