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The transition to natural hair ~ my journey so far

For something to be natural, it derives from the word nature, not artificial or involving anything made or caused by people.

If food or drink is described naturally, it means it has no artificial chemical substances added to it.

Urban dictionary describes natural hair as

  • A state of hair that one was born with. Hair that is not permed, dyed, relaxed, or chemically altered.
  • Natural hair is hair growing out of your head and not a foreign object like weave, extensions, or a wig.

In short natural hair means hair that’s in its natural state with no perms, weave, or wigs. It’s hair in its natural hair and texture.

As blacks and Africans, our natural hair ranges from textures like kinks, coils, and loose curls that grow down instead of out. This article is all about my personal experience with the natural hair journey so far.

There will be a sequence of events on my natural hair journey, but from the start, let me begin with how I started my hair journey with how and why I decided to go natural. I grew up as a natural kid. Mama never allowed to add chemicals to my hair.


I was all natural until I rebelled against mama in JHS 2. I told mama, I want to go perming as Ghanaian will say. I told her enough was enough, I’m not a kid to be manipulated, I know what I want and now I want to go perming.

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I decided to go that way because I was tired of the tangles, washing the hair at that time was very hectic full of headaches. And as a kid, due to playing a lot, my hair is full of dust so it’s always been washed and that was very annoying.

Today being a Friday is my wash day as I washed every Friday, but as a kid, every day was a wash day because of dirt from playing in the sand and adventurous acts.

I turned a celebrity the day I went to school with my permed hair. I got compliments from both staff and students. I felt good about my new look and gained much confidence.


Long story short, all the hair came down when entering into SHS as no long hair is allowed at the senior level. The only time in my life I saw how nice and gorgeous my head shape was.

Frankly speaking, I loved that period of my life with my hair being cut. No hair stressing, no worry about tangled hair or hair combing. Just brush the hair and go my way. Naturally, I’m blessed with this soft, curly, very dark hair my hair being cut brings out all these beauties.

My life at that time was fun and free.

Fast forward, all my friends were already growing their hair right after senior high school. While some were braiding, others were plaiting and the rest into woven. I was the only one left out with no plans of growing long hair again. In fact, I loved my hair being cut.

However, I’m someone who also likes change once in a while. I like being dynamic, taking risks, and embracing change once a while in my life.

So, one election year, just about 5 days to go into an election, I entered into a salon one person came—out another person. Hair permed and weaved. Mmmmm, to be frank, change sometimes, is good.

I loved my new look and so was everybody. But, hey, that also came with its own wahala. For hair maintenance, I have to visit the salon every two weeks. Very expensive for an ordinary Ghanaian student like me. Geographically, was more expensive. The Standard of living in Accra being more expensive than Kumasi made the salons in Accra charged more than salons in Kumasi.

My expenses were higher than my monthly allowance. Accra they say stay by plan so I changed my tactics also—and here came another change. Just to maintain my regular style on a low budget, I went slightly edgy with a hair undercut.

My back and side hair was shaved, leaving the front hair. With this, regular salon visits are reduced from once a week to once a month. This is where the transitioning started, I was in this hairstyle for six months and decided to move to the next stage of the transition.

Stopped salon visit for two months. All these two months I was washing my hair with my bathing shampoo to remove all the chemicals from my hair.

Then followed the big chop, cut the front hair to level with the back and side hair.

This is just the beginning of how I decide to take you through my natural hair journey. I just want to be personal and show you how to go about with natural hair.

The pros and cons of being natural, and how to grow a type 4 natural hair.

Keep visiting to get more insight and updates on natural hair.

Keep questions coming in, I will be glad to answer every question and guide you through your natural


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