I once locked up my husband to perform his husband duties – Charlotte Oduro [Video]

I once locked up my husband to perform his husband duties – Charlotte Oduro [Video]

Marriage counsellor Charlotte Oduro who is the wife of Ghanaian pastor, Apostle Solomon Oduro has revealed how she locked up her husband in the room to compel him to perform his husband duties.

Mrs Charlotte Oduro made the revelations in an interview on Ekwanso Dwodwo with Abeiku Santana on Okay FM which was monitored by Nanaoseiike.com.

The marriage counsellor said when she married the leader of the Royal Victory Family Church, he was all about Church activities. Today, he is off to see this Church member, the next day, another.

Counsellor Charlotte Oduro recounted how she prevented her husband from going to perform church duties in order to spend the time with her in the bedroom.

When initially I married my husband, he never cared about us. All he cared is the church and church…today I am off to see this elder, another time I am off to see that church member. I was angry with him all those years. Forget about the Holy Spirit, after preaching we need to enjoy ourselves in the bedroom.

I love life prior to marriage even though I was a virgin. I was a public person who loved to hug, kiss and show other kinds of romantic gestures but my husband was too gentle. He was killing me because I was not like that in view of the exposure I had in school. He was the Holy Ghost stigma and too gentle.

I no longer go to the nightclub and others but as for my enjoyment in bed, you will hurt me if you do not give it to me. One time I locked him up, told him he was not stepping a foot outside because we were going to devote the whole day to enjoy ourselves in bed….today no church whether you frown or not.

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