Top 10 largest companies in the world with LGBTQ+ CEOs 2021

Top 10 companies with LGBTQ+ CEOs 2021

Years ago, it was not usual to find an openly gay person in a high-level position in any organization.

Most companies claimed to be a welcoming place for LGBTQ+, the reality was far-fetched. People from LGBTQ+ had to fight for their basic rights for a prolonged period.

Up until now, LGBTQ+ people still face a lot of bigotry in the workplace. This is quite hard to fight off and can often be at a subtle enough level that it gets quite hard to substantiate.

In the past, the notion of LGBTQ+ workplace protection was relatively unheard of and many companies used to lay off people based on their sexuality.


Additionally, people have now become more vocal against companies that marginalize LGBTQ+. However, still, even in today’s world, many companies prefer to have a heterosexual person as their CEO.

Having said that, many well-known CEOs have officially come out as gay and became a source of inspiration for the young generation belonging to the LBGTQ+ community.

Here are the top 10 companies with LGBTQ+ members as CEOs.

1.AppleTim Cook$260 billion
2.DowJim Fitterling$42.95 billion
3.Macy’s IncJeffrey Gennette$24.56 billion
4.Fidelity InternationalAnne Richards$20.9 billion
5.QantasAlan Joyce$17.96 billion
6.Land O’LakesBeth Ford$14 billion
7.Bupa Global & UKDavid Hynam$4.5 billion
8.United TherapeuticsMartine Rothblatt$506 million
9.ShaftesburyBrian Bickell$172 million
10.GLAADSarah Kate Ellis$16 million