Top 10 most-watched Netflix TV shows 2020

Top 10 most-watched Netflix  TV shows 2020

Top 10 most-watched Netflix TV show in 2020 is very difficult to put together given that Netflix has a bunch of quality TV shows streaming on their platform.

According to the data from streaming-service search engine RealGood, Netflix has 3,781 movies. A Netflix original TV show is any series that is commissioned and produced by Netflix. Such movies are exclusive to the Netflix platform.

What is Netflix Original movie or TV show?

‘Netflix Original’ movies or TV shows apply to a show Netflix has exclusive international streaming rights to or TV shows Netflix has co-produced with another network and a continuance of a previously cancelled TV show.

Ideally, Netflix picks and chooses which titles it broadcasts stats for, with a perspective to emphasizing its successes. This service counts a view when a subscriber chooses to watch at least 2 minutes of a TV series on its platform. Netflix explains that if subscriber watches 2 minutes of a streaming video on their platform, it is long enough to imply the choice was purposeful.

Find below the top 10 most-watched Netflix  TV shows in 2020


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