Top 5 Gadgets of 2019

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This year was wonderful and lived up to the expectations in regard to technology. The tech industry saw a beautiful gadget that caught the eyes of many tech geeks.

The year is pretty getting to the end and its time we cast our minds back. The year under review saw Samsung’s first-ever folding phone. We witnessed for the first time a google pixel phone with a telephoto feature that took away the wide-angle from pixel 3 of 2018.

Apple’s impressive camera design of the iPhone 11 Pro. In this post am going to talk about my top 5 gadgets of 2019. This is based on user reviews and experience.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Apple announced the iPhone 11 pro on September 10, this year. It was the first time Apple ever produced a phone with a triple camera. The 11 Pro by far was the best phone Apple has ever made. The camera, design, battery and general specs of the phone are awesome.

Galaxy Note 10


The galaxy note series has always come good and for this reason, the expectations were really high. Unlike Apple, Samsung relies on Google open source android for its operating system. Galaxy Note 10 S Pen has been optimized compared to Note 9.

It has also included a professional-grade camera and video capabilities. What this means is the one can take high-quality videos and pictures.

Google Pixel 4

Photo source: Google

This years pixel design is better than its predecessor. Over the years google pixel has been known for its quality camera and smooth operating system.

This years pixel design was a total upgrade of the pixel 3. The only disappointment that came with Pixel 4 was google’s decision to replace the wide-angle camera with a telephoto camera. In all the Pixel is one smartphone that will go down the memory lane as one of the top 5 gadgets of 2019.

Huawei P30 Pro

For the first time, Huawei produced a phone with its own chipset. People that have used EMUI over the year will attest to how smooth the software is.

One thing that really breaks my heart about this device is it came at the time google issued a ban on Huawei. This will limit the full potential of the device.


Google Wi-fi

The wi-fi differs from the traditional router. Google wi-fi brings together multiple devices across your home, more like networking. Google wi-fi allows for a schedule.

For example, you can pause other devices like when it’s time for your kids to sleep and they’re still on the internet and it also allows you to block access to certain types of website.




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