Travellers without Covid-19 shots banned from entering Ghana effective Monday

Travelers without Covid-19 shots banned from entering Ghana effective Monday

Starting Monday, December 13, travellers without Covid-19 shots will no longer be allowed to enter Ghana.

Alongside the new steps taken by the authorities regarding the Covid-19 shots, the Ghana government will also insist that all arrivals present a negative PCR test. All Ghanaians flying out of the country will also need to be fully vaccinated.

The country is introducing some of the world’s stringent Covid-19 travel rules, by banning any adult who has not been vaccinated from flying in with effect from Monday.

According to the report, there is no option to self-isolate. Ghanaian citizens and residents abroad are exempt for up to two weeks but will be required to take a Covid-19 shot upon landing at the airport.

Authorities say step these has become necessary due to concerns about a surge of infections over the festive period by travellers.

This means that a Ghanaian national who is not currently vaccinated but gets a jab at the airport would have to wait until getting a second dose before they can be able to fly out unless they get one from Johnson and Johnson.

Meanwhile, Ghana’s land and sea borders have been closed to passenger traffic since restrictions were first introduced at the start of the pandemic.

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