Types of natural hairstyles ~ The bun

Types of natural hairstyles ~ The bun

Welcome my naturalists, with my previous natural hairstyle article, I took you through my natural hair journey. How and why I decided to be a naturalist and ended with the big chop.

I will continue with that on my next article but for this article, let’s learn about the different hairstyles one can have as a naturalist. 

I described natural hair with my previous article as the hair growing out of your head and not foreign objects like weave,  extensions or wig. 

According to a survey and my observations, African women, for example, don’t like being natural because of how bored it feels according to them for being natural. They claim to be natural is a one-way look. They want to look versatile and being natural doesn’t make them look versatile. 

Today I want to educate my African women about how versatile they can look with being natural. I will take one style at a time. Will updates you with my subsequent articles on different hairstyles, it’s symbolism and versatility of being a naturalist.

THE SYMBOLISM – some may say hair is just hair, and for the most part, it is. But for the women of colour, especially the black woman, it symbolises so much more. It symbolizes freedom, inner peace and taking a stand for the beauty you and your fellow queens were born with.

THE VERSATILITY – Natural hair is the definition of versatility. You can even straighten it and then reverts to curly. You can go swimming and not have to fear the chlorine, or you can walk in the rain and not worrying about your hair getting wet and changing texture or your extensions getting smelly. 

There are different types of beautiful natural hairstyles one can wear anywhere with many ideas for everyone whether with long or short hair. There are different natural hairstyles for special occasions or looks that are stylish as well and are easy to create also, either by yourself or by someone. 

We have hairstyles like the BUNS, UPDO’S, CORNROWS, TWISTS, BANTU KNOTS, BRAIDS, PLAIT, FAUX HAWKS [ hairstyle gaining more and more popularity presently ] and a lot with each having it’s unique look on the person. 

THE BUNS – A bun is a type of hairstyle in which hair is pulled back from the face, twisted or plaited, and wrapped in a circular coil around itself, typically on top or back of the head. Buns are a protective style that keeps your ends from rubbing on your clothes and thus from drying up. Buns are easy and low manipulation style that keeps the hair from any breakages. 

Buns help in maintaining and increasing hair length. Buns are stress-free and can take you for a week or two without worrying about the hair. 

I will recommend buns for everyday busy women who hardly get time for their hair. 

These are a few mentioned hair buns styles that everyone can rock to any occasion.

  • Tall bun
  • Tendril Twist
  • Floral Bun
  • Punk Bun
  • Updo Bun
  • Ponytail Bun
  • Low Bun
  • Coiled Bun

One of the easiest protective hairstyles is the bun. It is one of the most versatile hairstyles of all time. It transcended time over and over again to become a firm favourite in the hairstyling world. You can find a bun for every occasion, whether it’s work or working out, for a church or school, for a wedding or an all-night party. 

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Next time you are thinking about what hairstyle to rock for that wedding or party, don’t hesitate to go for a bun. For all your adventurous move, don’t think twice to go for a bun because the hair is safe with a bun. 

For your baby girl’s stress-free hairstyle for a week or two, go for a bun. Buns are weather friendly, easy, simple and fast to make.