Updated: Oldest airlines in the world 2021

Updated Oldest airlines in the world 2021

An airline is an organization that provides a regular public service of air transportation on one or more routes. Traveling by air is much faster and less accident-prone than other methods of travel.

Humans have been flying since 1903 when the Wright Brothers took to the air. Of course, the aviation business started later – with the first registered passenger flights in 1914 [across Tampa Bay, Florida].

Amazingly, for an industry known for its volatility and financial instability, quite a few companies of these early heroic aviation years still survive in their original form.

Though it may seem a completely modern enterprise, commercial air transport has been around for over a century.

Here are 10 of the oldest airlines in the world still in operation.

RankAirlineYear founded
1.KLMOctober 1919
2.AviancaDecember 1919
3.QantasNovember 1920
4.AeroflotJuly 1923
5.Czech AirlinesOctober 1923
6.FinnairNovember 1923
7.Tajik AirSeptember 1924
8.Delta Air LinesMarch 1925
9.America AirlinesApril 1926
10.Air SerbiaJune 1927