Valuable web hosting companies 2021

Valuable web hosting companies 2021

A web hosting company is a service provider that permits associations and people to post a site or website page onto the internet.

Choosing to host a site can sometimes be influenced by the nature of your business, the purpose of your website, and the type of support you need. You turn on a computer, open a browser, and access a given website — most people never really consider where a site is, or even what a site is.

But, for a website visitor, what are you doing when you “visit” a site? In case you’re a visitor, where are you and the website? The answer is web/ cloud hosting.

Hosting is the first step to begin making your site accessible to the world. 

To establish an online presence, solid web hosting is critical — a good web host should at least offer between 98 and 99% uptime. There are several web hosting companies offering several services and varieties for web hosts.

Plans span from free with restricted or little customizations options to expensive hosting service providers that cater to specific needs for the business.

The package will rely fundamentally upon how you plan to use your site and your financial position.

Here are the top 10 largest web hosting companies in the world.

RankCompanyMarket cap
1.Google Cloud$1.81 trillion
2.Amazon Web Services$1.71 trillion
3Alibaba Cloud Hosting$541.95 billion
4.IBM Cloud$127.89 billion
5.Cloudflare, Inc.$37.41 billion$15.48 billion
7.Lumen Technologies$12.91 billion
8.GoDaddy Inc.$12.28 billion
9.1&1 Ionos$5.57 billion
10.Rackspace Hosting$3.8 billion