VIDEO: Elder Mireku stole all of my songs ~ Elder Sammy Cooper

VIDEO: Elder Mireku stole all of my songs ~ Elder Sammy Cooper
Elder Sammy Cooper.

The veteran gospel artist Sammy Cooper has said that Elder Mireku took his melodies. Sammy cooper in the late 80s and early 2000s was a famous gospel artist who performed on big stages.

A lot of popular gospel songs were done by Elder Mireku and Sammy Cooper, however, he is disheartened to realize that practically all the tunes he did with Elder Mireku were not in his name.

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Sammy Cooper told Kofi Adoma Nwanwani on KofiTV that, all that he expected from Elder Mireku, his partner was to at least recognize him for his hard work. He cited several instances where songs that he wrote himself were later credited to Elder Mireku.

I composed Maranatha song in 2005 at Fredima. That was when God told me to stop working with Elder Mireku. I informed him that I can’t work with him. I had then composed Maranatha, which he told me he will help with that song for the last time. Later, I realized the song has been credited to Elder Mireku.

All the song I had compose were credited to him leaving me with nothing.

Dispirited Cooper told Kofi Adoma how he couldn’t buy a single plot of land with all the songs he composed. Cooper explained that he came very close to purchasing a plot of land for GH₵ 800. He told Kofi Adoma that, he had initially paid GH₵ 600 but, because he couldn’t add the remaining balance of GH₵200, the land was given to another person.

Kofi, with all the songs I composed, I couldn’t buy a plot of land. I remember some years back, I had GH₵ 600 from my music distributor. That’s was the first payment for one of my songs.

I decided to purchase a plot of land. I gave the money to the woman, which Elder Mireku was present. Later I received a call from Elder Mireku who told me the woman made a complaint to him that if I can’t complete the payment, she’ll sell the land to someone else.

In fact, when he told me, I got angry and I went back to the women to demand for my GH₵ 600.

With all the songs I’ve written Kofi, I couldn’t buy a single plot of land. At my age, there is nothing I can do. I leave everything to God because he gave me all the lyrics for the songs.

The big question is how can Elder Sammy Cooper demand for royalties for songs that are not registered in his name ?

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