What if my husband is the one with the camera – Tiktok star Asantewaa

What if my husbandd is the one with the camera  – Tiktok star Asantewaa

Tiktok star Asantewaa has questioned his critics over the allegations that she’s cheating on her husband with the manager.

In her recent interview, she was asked about her romantic videos with her manager which surfaced online and she replied, asking how would those making the allegations know if her husband is the one with the camera recording whatever she’s doing with her manager.

Lately, Tiktok star has been chastised over her videos with her manager — people have raised concerns about the actual role of her manager. A lot of social media users believe their relationships are beyond manager-clint’s relationships. replied to them al

In response, she has asked her critics how would they know if her husband is the one behind the camera in all the videos she has been making.

According to the Ghanaian Tiktok star, she’s an actress and can make out or do whatever is asked of her in a movie, video, or photo just to deliver on what her directors demand — therefore those talking about her videos with her manager should allow her to do her work.

She may be right, perhaps her husband could be holding the camera or light, however, she’s Ghanaian and has values and culture. We don’t know what she and her husband do or say behind the scene and she said that he is aware of everything she does with her manager hence we have nothing to worry about.

Watch the video of the Tiktok star Asantewaa below;