Why Refurbished Phones are much better

Why Refurbished Phones are much better

What exactly are refurbished phones?

Refurbished phones are simply phones returned to the seller due to faulty parts, software issues or manufacturing flaw. For instance, if you purchased a phone on contract from T-Mobile or Sprint and after some time you see a glimpse of a software problem or manufacturing defect you can take it back. What falls out is when the phone is returned back to the seller, because of the high cost of production they don’t just keep the phone sitting in their storeroom.

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They rather repair whatever fault the phone has, make sure the data of the previous user is wiped and then deliver it back to the market for resale.

Why refurbished phones are better?

  • They are well examined

It is genuine that every phone gets tested before it leaves the production room, but refurbished phones get tested twice. Purchasing a refurbished phone is way much better than buying a used phone. If something was missed in the first test, surely the second examination will reveal it. This is because the manufacturers want to prevent the same phones from getting rejected twice by customers.

  • You know precisely what you’re buying.

    You can’t afford a brand new phone so the idea is getting a less cheap phone that can take care of your basic demands. Many of the masses who buy phones have very little or no idea of what they’re buying. Sometimes they buy the phone home only for them to find out after unboxing that the phone is refurbished. At that instance, they were expecting a brand new phone, but ended up with a refurbished one. For a mobile consumer who purposely bought a refurbished phone at least, they knew what they were spending their money on from the very moment.

  • Manufacturers reputation at stake

    If for some reason I buy an Apple iPhone from T-Mobile on contract and a month later I experience software issue or manufacturing defects, the obvious action will be to return it and acquire a refund or a replacement. When the phone gets repaired and returned to the market, it has to be perfect and tested. In most instances, it comes out better than when it was first produced. For the sake of Apple’s reputation, proper quality control measures have to be adhered to. This ensures the phone will not encounter such a problem in future.

  • Inexpensive

    This’s when most people fail to understand and assume refurbished phones are simply not dependable enough. The reason is it’s not a brand new phone, but also not a bad one either. Sometimes refurbished phones are even more effective than a brand new phone. Why am I saying that, it has been thoroughly accessed. Why not spend less money to have iPhone 11 Pro that can equally perform the same function as the one who paid a high price for it?

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  • Warranty

    Your warranty might not be the same as a brand new phone from the storehouse, but at least it’s reasonable to buy a refurbished phone rather than a used phone. My advice is, try to find out how long your warranty is and if you’re ok, just buy it.

    Little or no difference regarding the quality of output.

  • When you take a peep at a brand new phone and a refurbished of the same model, the difference isn’t that much. The software appears and feels pretty the same. The physical structure seems identical except on a few occasions where refurbished phones come with special code in the IMEI, which are for identification purpose. Other than that, there isn’t a much difference.


Buying a brand new smartphone doesn’t guarantee it will not develop a fault in future likewise a refurbished phone. In the end, the ultimate goal is the user experience and how the device can take care of your basic smartphone needs.

Secondly, your choices are influenced by your purchasing power. If you have the money, you can buy a brand new phone. Which will equally offer a similar experience as a refurbished phone. Therefore, a refurbished phone in my opinion is better considering its price tag and the performance it offers.

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