Windows 11 is finally here, check out what’s new

Windows 11 is finally here, check out what's new

Windows 11 leaked version has finally surfaced online with a whole new UI and beautiful features. This new software brings what seems an updated version of Windows 10.

When Microsoft launched Windows 10 on July 29, 2015, the company said that was going to be the last windows — but promised to released feature and patch updates from time to time.

Microsoft recently set an event date for June 24 — which is most likely to announce a new build of Windows, which will supposedly be named Windows 11.

Until that, there is an unofficial Windows 11 build circulating on the internet which sighted —which looks and feels like an upgraded version of Window 10.

The leaked Windows 11 features

The first thing you’ll observe in the leaked version of Windows 11, aside from the change in UI, is having a start menu in the centre [identical to Apple’s macOS]. It is important to note that, you can align the start menu on the left side as well.

The start menu can also be customised by turning on ‘show most used apps’ in the settings or choose which folder you prefer to show next to the shutdown button.

This new Windows brings Widgets. Applications for weather, sports, stocks news/articles and an endless list of articles now have their new Widgets.

In addition, the leaked version of Windows 10 feature whole new view of videos, downloads, pictures, folders and music icons.

Bear in mind that this isn’t an official Windows 11 build from Microsoft so we might not see a completed overhaul of the entire Windows 10, however, there are significant changes and mind-blowing features we should expect in the Microsoft Windows 11.

As we wait for the Microsoft event on the 24th, it’s expected a new build will probably pop up.