Traffic Congestion: World’s 21 most congested cities in 2021

Traffic Congestion: World’s 21 most congested cities in 2021

Traffic congestion is an ailment of transport that is characterized by slower speeds, longer trip times, and increased vehicular queueing.

There several factors that contribute to traffic congestion, however, that the most common causes include Obstacles in the road, out of sync traffic signals, inadequate green time, too many pedestrians crossing, too many trucks on the road due to inadequate railway, overdevelopment and a whole lot of factors.

Traffic Congestion on urban road networks has become increasingly disturbing in major cities across the world.

The ranking cover 416 cities across 57 countries on 6 continents.

Find below the world 21 most traffic-congested cities in 2021

RankCityCongestion level
1.Bengaluru, India71%
2.Manila, Philippines71%
3.Bogota, Colombia68%
4.Mumbai, India65%
5.Pune, India59%
6.Moscow region (oblast), Russia59%
7.Lima, Peru57%
8.New Delhi, India56%
9.Istanbul, Turkey55%
10.Jakarta, Indonesia53%
11.Bangkok, Thailand53%
12.Kyiv, Ukraine53%
13.Mexico City, Mexico52%
14.Bucharest, Romania52%
15.Recife, Brazil50%
16.Saint Petersburg, Russia49%
17.Dublin, Ireland48%
18.Odessa, Ukraine47%
19.Lodez, Poland47%
20.Rio de Janeiro, Brazil46%
 21Tel Aviv, Israel46%

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