Worst Gadgets of 2019

Worst Gadgets of 2019

Worst gadgets of 2019, it sounds so vague, isn’t it? Well, that’s because we cannot have a tech year of perfection. There will always be shortcomings— and this help manufacturers improve innovation to be able to live up to the expectation of tech geeks.

Regardless, there is always going to be a deficiency when it comes to technology. Earlier I have posted about some wonderful gadgets we witnessed in 2019.

In this position, I’m going to be reviewing the worst gadgets of 2019, ie; gadgets that didn’t perform or failed to make the mark as expected. We cannot say that 2019 was excellent or without fault, evidently there were shortfalls and that is why am going to talk about in this post.

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A disclaimer: I’m in no means saying these products are not good, they’re equally amazing tech gadgets. Like I’ve always said what may be good for you, may not cut it for me.

Everyone has his/her preference when it comes to purchasing a tech gadget. Guessing from what these companies can do or what we’ve seen from them, I think these two gadgets are beneath them. I can’t say you should not buy, but I can’t recommend it for anyone either.

Galaxy Fold

Galaxy Fold from Samsung.
Galaxy fold

The Galaxy fold came with huge expectations, but turn out to be one of the worst gadgets of 2019 was the Samsung Galaxy folds.

We know Samsung to be a company with a high reputation in the mobile manufacturing business, but they dropped the ball big time. It is of no surprise that Galaxy fold received bashing and complain week after its launch.

This forced Samsung to pull the phone off-market barley week after it released. The galaxy folds being the first foldable phone, consumers expected something more unique. Unfortunately, Samsung could meet the expectations.

Huawei Mate X

Huawei Mate X

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The Huawei mate x is another foldable phone unveiled by the company in 2019. Precisely like the galaxy folds, this phone had endurance and software issues.

When it was first unveiled on the 25th of February 2019 at MWC, it did not support some major Google apps because of the prohibition.

I find the 5G the Huawei Mate X the only positive thing of the twist. Huawei could have done a better job considering the fact that at the time of release, they had a lesson to get word from Samsung. But ironically, they doubled the same mistake Samsung did.

This year gave us enough to be proud, but I felt Samsung and Huawei could have done a more honourable job. Personally, I don’t consider the foldable phone to be needful. Huawei and Samsung both have more pressing issues that experiment with these gadgets.