Xandy Kamel was sleeping with John Mahama ~Gloria Kani [watch video]

Xandy Kamel was sleeping with John Mahama ~Gloria Kani [video]

Gloria Kani has alleged that Xandy Kamel who recently got married to Kaninja of Angel FM was sleeping with former President John Mahama. 

Gloria Kani in a live Instagram video revealed that Xandy Kamel used to stay at John Mahama’s house when her father died, but later got sacked by the wife of the former President, Lordina Mahama because she found out she was sleeping with her husband.

According to Gloria Kani, Tracey Boakye revealed the above info to her when they were friends and since they’ve fallen out—and Tracey Boakye has been attacking her, she has to also come out for people to know the truth.

However, John Mahama in all these allegations hasn’t coughed a word as he is fully focused on how he’s going to oust President Akufo Addo in the upcoming December election.

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Perhaps, he’s waiting for the dust to settle before uttering a word about these damning allegations.

Watch the video below

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