You can’t earn a living as a full-time actor or actress in Ghana – Selassie Ibrahim [Video]

You can't earn a living as a full-time actor or actress in Ghana - Selassie Ibrahim [Video]

Veteran Ghanaian actress, Selassie Ibrahim has stated that Ghanaians claiming to be full-time actors and actresses without a stable side job are sick in the head.

According to Selassie Ibrahim, people who are working in the Ghanaian movie industry should have a job that will fetch money while they keep their acting job as a side job [she described it as a hobby].

She explained that it will insane for someone to rely fully on acting for survival while there are other means to make money on the side from their acting career — insisting that the Ghana movie industry hasn’t reached the phase where one can depend entirely on acting as his or source of income.

The ace actress made this statement in an interview with Sandy on Adom TV’s ‘Ahosepe Xtra’ show. She revealed that some actors and actresses in Ghana can go over three months without being called by producers for roles, adding that such people will die of hunger because they have refused to venture into other businesses.

Selassie Ibrahim also complained that the hesitance of the government to support the creative arts industry is because they are no unity among personalities. She believes they don’t work together as a collective unit, everyone is working towards gaining self-recognition in the entertainment industry.

Watch the interview below: